Saturday, 21 January 2012

Film Deconstruction 1 Prom Night

Analysis from beginning to 3.50

At the start of this clip the camera is a birds eye from over the top of the sea that then edits showing match on action with the sky this work as they both have the same colours because of this it sets a time period for the audience. This being night linking with most horror films, it also gives the idea that it might be set in winter because of the coldness shown in the water. A straight cut it used from the clouds to the trees that then follows to the use of a crane to go over the tree tops and revile and church with just one light at the top linking with the genre. It continues to show a city with a bridge going across the water from the opening mise-en-scéne with the wave crashing, showing a couple of house lights on. Similarly the whole time this is happening 'time of the season by the zombies' is being played it is a soft voiced song with drums in the background and a cracking microphone giving a beating effective giving the idea it is building up to something.

Meanwhile the clip moves to a close up of the bridge focusing on a black 4x4 travelling a long the bridge. 180 degree of the bridge is used allowing us to follow the car along this connects that the people in the car will have a part to do with the film. At 2.39 the first character we see who ending up also being the main character gets out of the black 4x4 outside her house, the mise-en-scéne shows a young blonde girl standing outside the car but looking through the passenger’s windows. This suggests that she is no longer safe because she has left the car.

The main character is a young blonde female, this helps us to illustrate the stereotype because of her gender. It gives the viewer the idea that she is going to be the victim, because she is portrayed as a easy target, therefore this is linking with the genre showing a young women alone walking in to her home at night/ in the dark. Close ups are used of the mother, daughter and girl faces to show their reaction this also brings in shot reverse shot pan from the characters using continuity in the editing. Once the girl is in the house diegetic sound of the television is used for a weary effect symbolising that someone is at home, furthermore the television is showing American football this links to the setting showing it is an American film.

Final the tension build when she is in her room and opens the wardrobe, the house it pretty dead silent with the door creaking open adding to the genre. A straight shot is used from the outside to the inside of the wardrobe with a voyeuristic type shot giving the audience the idea that maybe someone is in the wardrobe or watching her, this is where my clip finishes.

In conclusion this isn't the only things we need to focus on in are 2 minute opening because we need to add in actors ect name in this example the text they used was like handwriting, because we need to make sure we use the right front or it will not link in.

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