Monday, 30 January 2012

Main Task: Non Diegetic

Today i spent looking for non diegetic sound for when the camera is in the woods, i was looking for unknown artist to use for this and we don't want to use well know music some example of sound we may use are:

 Listen to this sound tracks ( with pink album art) we have decided to maybe use the last one as it isn't to heavy ad has what we are looking for.

Main Task: Media Pitch

As part of our Research and planning we had to do a pitch to so are ideas to our teacher and class mates the is are outline for it made on prezi.  /

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Main Task:Dates for filming

This is the date to which we are going to do things.
30th January- practise shoots and establishing shoots
13th-14th February- filming are whole opening to Out of service 
 by the end of February Half term we will have the whole of are opening filmed this will leave us about a month to do all the editing, adding titles and evaluation.

Main Task: BBFC

Looking at the BBFC ( British Board of Film Classification) helped us to choose are age classification of 15 for are film, this is because are target audience is 15 and over because it is a teen horror, this is because it will include drugs alcohol and swearing, it will also show violence but not alot therefore it is an under 18 film. 

Universal: All ages admitted, there is nothing unsuitable for children over 4.

Parental Guidance:All ages admitted, but certain scenes may be unsuitable for 
children under 8. May contain mild language and sex/drugs
references. May contain moderate violence if justified by 
context (e.g. fantasy).

12A: Cinema only. Introduced in 2002.Films under this category are
considered to be unsuitable for very young people. Those aged 
under 12 years are only admitted if accompanied by an adult, 
aged at least 18 years, at all times during the motion picture.
However, it is generally not recommended that 
children under 12 years should watch the film. Films under this 
category can contain mature themes, discrimination, soft drugs,
moderate swear words, infrequent strong language and 
moderate violence/sex references.

12:home media only since 2002. 12A-rated films are usually 
given a 12 certificate for the VHS/DVD version unless 
extra material has been added that requires a higher rating.
Nobody younger than 12 can rent or buy a 12-rated VHS, 
DVD, Blu-ray Disc, UMD or game. Films in his category 
may include infrequent drugs, infrequent use of strong
language, brief nudity, discreet sexual activity, 
and moderate violence. 

15: Only those over 15 years are admitted.Nobody younger 
than 15 can rent or buy a 15-rated VHS, DVD, 
Blu-ray Disc, UMD or game,or watch a film in the cinema 
with this rating. Films under this category can contain 
adult themes, hard drugs, strong language and one use of 
very strong language, moderate-strong violence/sex references, 
and undetailed sex activity.

18:Only adults are admitted.Nobody younger than 18 can rent or
 buy an 18-rated VHS, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, UMD or game, or 
watch a film in the cinema with this rating. Films under this 
category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used. 
Hard drugs are generally allowed, and strong violence/
sex references along with strong sexual activity is also allowed. 
Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by 
the context.

Main Task: Naming our film

As a group we found naming are film was one of the hardest things we had come up against in are research and planning so far. We decided not to have a title with just one word as it makes the film look like it is going to be a Hollywood blockbuster. We eventually come up with the title 'Out of service' this is because it links with the idea of social media, and giving the idea that there are lost and something will happen to them. We also thought this linked to our genre well and added a horror effect to it.

Main Task: Rough Script

This is are rough script, we haven't finished are full script because all our actors are good friends so they will made up conversion themselves but there is just some key lines they will have to say, this is were our script comes in. This will make sure that are dialogue isn't unnatural and will help it follow.

Main Task: Media storyboard animatic.

This is our Storyboard in it's animated form

Main Task: Settings (location scouting)

 Towards are main task research we took some photography of the setting that we are going to be filming are open in.These photographs include an establishing shoot, and different areas with in the wood land area. The reason we cause the thicket in maidenhead area is because it is easy for our actors to get there and we believe it is going to give us the right effect that we are looking for because is contains lots of paths, with trees fallen  down this adds to our genre of horror and will give us the mise-en-scéne that we planned. 


This photos show the different types of wooded area that are with in the thicket, this also shows how the light shines through the trees and the different colour of the leaves adding to the darkness and deadness to the area chosen, linking to our genre.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Main Task: mise-en-scéne and camera angles

Over the past week i have been looking into the different types of camera shots/ angles and mise-en-scénes that are normally used in horror films, this will help when it comes to us filming our opening to a new fiction film as  i will have a good idea to the angle and type of setting that help to show the audience the genre that is being portrayed, this would be achieve for example if the camera at a high angle looking down at the victims to show how they are helpless.

Images to help show this:

Main Task: Extra main task research

Here are some website that link to their chosen genre that are interesting, which contain useful and helpful information that could be linked with our filming

Different Camera angle's we could use:

Point of view shot- shows what the character can see, this can be used to create a relationship between the character and the audience as they see exactly how the character sees things. 
High- angle shot-When the camera is slightly above the character, making them seem weak and helpless, this makes the audience feel more powerful and shows how defence less the character is.
Over the shoulder shot-This is where the camera is over one characters shoulder, this is used mainly in conversation as it directs attention to the character speaking.
Close-up shot-The close up frames the face and shoulders, this helps the audience see the emotion and therefore engages with the character,this is used to create an unsettling feel in horror movies.
Extreme close up-This would just be a section of the object for example a characters eye's, this again helps us to see the emotions and is often used in horror.
Low angle shot-This would be so the camera is looking up at someone, so its although its on the floor, this makes the character gain power and dominance and leaves the audience feel weaker as they see the power that the character creates, this angle could be used on the killer in the beginning when they cause more fear. 
Medium shot-This is a shot which is close enough to see the characters emotions, but we can still see some of the location or background.
Long shot-used to show the setting of the scene, usually used in the beginning of a scene to show the location and set the scene.
Cut-in-Shows a different part of a person up close, for example hands.

Main Task: Mind Map research

Working towards are Main Task of producing a opening to a new fiction we sat down and mind mapped are ideas. This was to help us come up with a plot.We also wrote down different ideas that we all had between are group.

Film Deconstruction 1 Prom Night

Analysis from beginning to 3.50

At the start of this clip the camera is a birds eye from over the top of the sea that then edits showing match on action with the sky this work as they both have the same colours because of this it sets a time period for the audience. This being night linking with most horror films, it also gives the idea that it might be set in winter because of the coldness shown in the water. A straight cut it used from the clouds to the trees that then follows to the use of a crane to go over the tree tops and revile and church with just one light at the top linking with the genre. It continues to show a city with a bridge going across the water from the opening mise-en-scéne with the wave crashing, showing a couple of house lights on. Similarly the whole time this is happening 'time of the season by the zombies' is being played it is a soft voiced song with drums in the background and a cracking microphone giving a beating effective giving the idea it is building up to something.

Meanwhile the clip moves to a close up of the bridge focusing on a black 4x4 travelling a long the bridge. 180 degree of the bridge is used allowing us to follow the car along this connects that the people in the car will have a part to do with the film. At 2.39 the first character we see who ending up also being the main character gets out of the black 4x4 outside her house, the mise-en-scéne shows a young blonde girl standing outside the car but looking through the passenger’s windows. This suggests that she is no longer safe because she has left the car.

The main character is a young blonde female, this helps us to illustrate the stereotype because of her gender. It gives the viewer the idea that she is going to be the victim, because she is portrayed as a easy target, therefore this is linking with the genre showing a young women alone walking in to her home at night/ in the dark. Close ups are used of the mother, daughter and girl faces to show their reaction this also brings in shot reverse shot pan from the characters using continuity in the editing. Once the girl is in the house diegetic sound of the television is used for a weary effect symbolising that someone is at home, furthermore the television is showing American football this links to the setting showing it is an American film.

Final the tension build when she is in her room and opens the wardrobe, the house it pretty dead silent with the door creaking open adding to the genre. A straight shot is used from the outside to the inside of the wardrobe with a voyeuristic type shot giving the audience the idea that maybe someone is in the wardrobe or watching her, this is where my clip finishes.

In conclusion this isn't the only things we need to focus on in are 2 minute opening because we need to add in actors ect name in this example the text they used was like handwriting, because we need to make sure we use the right front or it will not link in.