Saturday, 21 January 2012

Main Task: Extra main task research

Here are some website that link to their chosen genre that are interesting, which contain useful and helpful information that could be linked with our filming

Different Camera angle's we could use:

Point of view shot- shows what the character can see, this can be used to create a relationship between the character and the audience as they see exactly how the character sees things. 
High- angle shot-When the camera is slightly above the character, making them seem weak and helpless, this makes the audience feel more powerful and shows how defence less the character is.
Over the shoulder shot-This is where the camera is over one characters shoulder, this is used mainly in conversation as it directs attention to the character speaking.
Close-up shot-The close up frames the face and shoulders, this helps the audience see the emotion and therefore engages with the character,this is used to create an unsettling feel in horror movies.
Extreme close up-This would just be a section of the object for example a characters eye's, this again helps us to see the emotions and is often used in horror.
Low angle shot-This would be so the camera is looking up at someone, so its although its on the floor, this makes the character gain power and dominance and leaves the audience feel weaker as they see the power that the character creates, this angle could be used on the killer in the beginning when they cause more fear. 
Medium shot-This is a shot which is close enough to see the characters emotions, but we can still see some of the location or background.
Long shot-used to show the setting of the scene, usually used in the beginning of a scene to show the location and set the scene.
Cut-in-Shows a different part of a person up close, for example hands.

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