Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Main Task: Editing

We continued to edit are task on final cut pro today, by adding in diegetic sound and names today for the actors an our group, we have added them in place where we think they all fit in will on different sections which we believe they look good. Furthermore we have shows them in different places an angles for example along the car when it drives past.

Main Task: Diegetic sound

We have been going over are diegetic sound recently and from looking at our story broad our ideas have changed on what and where sound was going to be placed in our opening. So we have stared ti opening with creepy music to help set the genre as teen horror so we picked instrument music because it shows scary but not to over the top. We were going to change to pop music as the actors are in the car but the transition would heard right or fit well therefore we are going to have to sound continue through the piece and add in sound effects for examples when Harry jumps up and hits the car window sound will be add to make it more effected at shock the audience.