Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Main Task: Place that our film many facture

As extra research we have been thinking of place at which are film we be shown and we don't believe it to be a box office but yet something like i film would be shown on a channel such as MTV or channel 4, as it is a independentt film that is low budget, therefore these channel show film such as our film, furthermore we would be likely to show it on other of these channels as they appeal to our target audience, with channel four being a more lied back channel compared to  a BBC channel, this would help as a film would show strong language, also MTV main target audience is teen ages and with our BBFC being a 15 this suits our film well .

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Main Task: Filming

This week our group started filming our opening 2 minutes.
 Monday13th:This was our first day of filming with are actors and main prop being the car, we arrived at are setting but found out we were unable to film there so we quickly had to change are plans and find other setting for the car scene then we came up against the fact that one of are actors pulled out in the morning but this wasn't going to stop us so Tabatha ( member from our group) decided to take there place so we didn't have to reorganise the whole thing. From looking at our storyboards we got the scene when the car drives past the camera and all the shot when the male character asks to go to the toilet and drops his phone. 

 Tuesday 14th: As we got most of are actors scene complete we set out to the wood that where shown in are location hunting to film the establishing shots and the rest, we filmed the shots shown on our storyboard but we also added in other shots that we thought looked scary and would fit in with our genre.

After filming all of this we has decided that we need to redo some of it and this time play more attention to times because we didn't realise how long it would take to film some sections but over all for are first filming i believe we have some promising shots.