Thursday, 1 December 2011

Main Task Brief

Main Task AS Brief:The titles and openings of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes. 

Therefore because of this brief we have decided to do teen horror as are genre, we thought this would be the easy's and most effective, but on the other hand we don't want it to be to stereotypical with other films in the same genre.Furthermore we also choose this because we all have strong ideas about horror film and they are one of are Favourite type of genre, so we decided to link it with our age therefore giving us teen horror. Final you can make good cheap horror films for explain Paranormal activity with it filmed with hand held shot also giving the scared effect. 
 Teen films is a genre targeted at teenagers and young adults in which the plot is based upon the special interests of teenagers, such as coming of age, first love, rebellion, conflict with parents, teen angst, and alienation. Often these normally serious subject matters are presented in a glossy, stereotyped or trivialized way.
Films in this genre are often American and  set in high schools, or contain characters that are of high school age. Sexual themes are also common, as are crude forms of humor.

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