Sunday, 2 October 2011

Death proof trailer

This week we were asked to analysis a short clip and reflect upon the us of camera, mise-en-scéne and editing.Therefore i choose to analysis Death proof by Quentin Tarantino.
I started analysis from 1.27.

1.28:shot reverse shot is used to show the reaction of the victim as she is being thrown around in the car, this also shows how the driver is in charge of the situation.Furthermore to add to this the camera is hand held to see the amount of movement happening in the car similarly  this links to the mise-en-scéne because it is set out with the two character and the camera looking out the front of the car, this gives the viewer the effect that they are in the back of the car watching the whole insistent.
1.31-1.35: Quentin Tarantino has chosen to show the use of straight cuts but in sink with the shots of the camera that the man is holding, this makes it a smooth transition for one edit to the next. Furthermore voyeurism is used a long side close up shots of the targets faces to suggest that they are in danger therefore this is why the mise-en-scéne just includes their faces and a small faction of the sky behind .
1.55:The camera is mid shot from the right hand side of the car as if the viewer are standing looking in.This emphasises how the character is mental. From this point on there is a clear veiwing of graphic match, is illustrates the genre of the film horror and action.
  In conclusion this clip contains more then 60 edits in the minutes this is so the trailer shows a good illustration of what the film is going to be about and also to link with the genre. 

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