Sunday, 13 November 2011

BFI London Film Festival

Thursday 20th October. I went to the BFI film festival. this involve viewing a series of 5 new British shorts and a new film.The shorts included: The ride, I'll tell you, Friend request pending,Ernesto and Pitch black heist. All this shorts showed how you don't need a 2 hour or so film to make the audience think. These film were all about 10 mins, but all showed the meaning to the story they were trying to show.
The ride- ( Director: Marian Pilowsky) A hitch-hiker and a welcome lift turns into a bit of a nightmare all round, this left me hanging on my set wanting the clip to continue. 
Ill tell you-( Director: Rachel Tillotson)young identity,love,relationships and friendships which last a life time. this shows a young girl who idealise her older friend because of her relationship with boyfriend but doesn't all end happy.
Friends request pending-( Director: Chris Foggin)online dating and the perils therein, starring Judie Dench, this film looks at how technology is growing and the older generation is trying to stay up with it, contain a lot of humourer and made the audience have fits of laughter.
Ernesto-(Director- Corinne Ladeinde)7 year old Ernesto is feeling left out at school because he still has his milk teeth, so he plans to remove them his self, equalling in some wired consequences. This was the only animation of the 5 shorts, showing you are never to old for cartoons. 
Pitch black heist-( Director: John Maclean)two strangers meet to take on a bank job in the dark, this stories unfolds to show how they are in fact involved in one another's lives. 

The film that I watched showed at this years BFI Film festival was Mr Tree ( Director- Jie Han) a satirical tale about a village idiot who might just be a prophet, this film was a double prize winner in shanghai, the town loser who botcher his own marriage but becomes a savants to his mining village in north- east china. Through the film it has clips of Mr Shu( Mr Tree) sitting in a tree this gives the audience the imposition that he is dreaming or imaging everything that is happening furthermore in the film they believe that maybe Mr Shu could be a prophet sent to save there town. 

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