Thursday, 22 September 2011

The boy in stripped pj's (watch 2.00 minutes -2.30 minutes)
Bruno:German boy on outside
 shmuu: Jewish boy in camp
 At the start of this clip it shows Bruno standing in a field surrounded by flowers, they have set the mise-en-scéne  with ambient lighting because it illustrates how free he is compared to Shmuu.
  Secondly the first shot we get of Shmuu he is sitting on the floor behind a piece of rubble this gives us the impression that he is hiding, therefore this could always be one of the reasons the colours are so dull in this shots of  Shmuu, so he blending in with the background. Furthermore in this 30 seconds of clip the director has used shot reverse shot between these two character as they are talking to one another, this is effective because it give the reaction of other character.
 Meanwhile at 2.13 just after Shmuu says " we are building a new hunt" the camera changes to Bruno's perspective of the camp this also symbolises how their worlds are both so different.
 In conclusion the camera shots all link with the genre of the film similarly so do the camera angles used, a mid shot from Bruno's knee upwards portrays how Bruno is able to see over all the flowers and the fence suggesting that he has freedom ambling him to travel. wherefore Shmuu has a mid shot of him positioned on the floor signifying how he is stuck in a concentration camp.

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